Australian Orofacial Myology Collaboration 28hr Foundation Course


Nada Makki-Karnib

Louisa Backus 

Chelsea McMillan 

AOMC Orofacial Myology Course Outline


Aetiology of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD’s)

What are OMDs? What causes them? And why do we need to treat them?

Make the connection between the Orofacial Complex and the impact of OMD’s on speech, feeding, sleep, breathing, facial growth and learning


Speech, Voice, Lactation, Swallowing, Feeding & Attention

Why you will never see your clients the same way again

Working on the underlying dysfunction to make gains in therapy, faster


Optimising development from Infancy

Learn to identify the red flags of OMDs and how they can be prevented or treated  from birth

Breastfeeding difficulties 

Developing oral motor skills from infancy 


Tethered Oral Tissues 

Functional assessment of tongue, lip and buccal ties.

Pre and post release protocol - and the integral role this has in optimising outcomes 

Why not all restrictions need to be released - fascial considerations


Screening for dental malocclusions

Impact of dental malocclusions on speech and feeding 

Function before Form: which comes first 



Airway screening

How to assess for dysfunctional daytime breathing and sleep disordered breathing. There is a growing body of research showing the adverse impact dysfunctional breathing and sleep has on cognition, feeding, growth and development. Assessing and treating airway, sleep and oromyofunctional disorders gets to the root cause of many learning and behavioural challenges 


Treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Normalising oral function for speech, feeding, mastication and Temporomandibular 

Joint (TMJ) dysfunction, facial growth, breathing and sleep.

Learn how to ‘start Monday’ integrating OM treatment into your clinical practice with easy to follow, hands-on therapy techniques we’ve collated from our combined experiences. All clinical resources will be provided to attendees as well as structured protocols to get started and the clinical know-how to individualise to specific client needs



Learn about the importance of breathing retraining and how the breath is the 

foundation for health and wellness. Simple, hands on approaches that the attendees can easily integrate into their practice


Elimination of Noxious habits

Learn our treatment program that works every time for finger sucking, thumb sucking, tongue sucking, lip wedging and more. 


Building a multidisciplinary team and caseload

Find out what OM looks like in clinical practice and how to establish referral pathways to create best outcomes for treatment. As private practice owners, we also share our experiences on growing successful caseloads, networking and incorporating airway focused care into your practice