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Sydney 3-5 February  2022

Venue: Rowers on Cooks River, 1 Levey St, Wolii Creek, NSW, 2205

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Melbourne 17-19 March 2022

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Venue: TBA

Brisbane  4-6 August 2022

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The Johnson Hotel, 477 Boundary St, Spring Hill, QLD, 4000


Nada Makki-Karnib

Speech Pathologist

Nada Makki-Karnib is the principal speech pathologist at Q Speech & Learning Clinic with 20 years of combined experience as a hospital scientist and in private practice. She enjoys working with people of all ages in the treatment of communication and feeding disorders, with a special interest and expertise in Oromyofunctional Disorders. As co-founder of the Dentofacial Institute, Nada also dedicates most of her  professional time to promoting airway and sleep awareness and the impact of these on Dentofacial growth and development, particularly focusing on early interceptive facial orthopaedics. Nada’s collaboration with dental professionals and multidisciplinary approach in the care of her patients seeks to address the root cause of their difficulties.

Louisa Backus

Speech Pathologist

Louisa Backus owns and runs Louisa Backus Speech Pathology, a private Speech Pathology practice in Central Queensland. Louisa has 20 years of experience in the field of Speech Pathology. Since completing her training in Orofacial Myology, she has developed an interest in the wholistic treatment and management of Paediatric speech and feeding disorders in a manner that incorporates normalising oral dysfunction and breathing. Louisa also treats Adults with oral dysfunction that is impacting on breathing, sleep and swallow function. In 2019 Louisa has completed training as a Lactation Consultant and now combines this knowledge with her skills in Orofacial Myology to address infant feeding concerns.


Chelsea McMillan

Speech Pathologist

Chelsea McMillan is the owner of LaLa Speech Pathology, a multidisciplinary clinic in Gippsland, Victoria. Chelsea has close to 25 years experience in both generalist Speech Pathology positions as well as 19 years as the owner of LaLa Speech Pathology. Following from her personal experience with her own four children requiring Orofacial Myology and Myofunctional Orthodontics, Chelsea completed training in Orofacial Myology both in Australia and the US. Additionally she has completed complimentary Lactation Consultancy training to enhance her passion for supporting feeding disorders and oral dysfunction from birth. Chelsea has incorporated the multidisciplinary and holistic approach to targeting speech, feeding, swallowing and breathing through Orofacial Myology into her already established clinical practices.